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Daniel Marshall

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Watercolor Workshop
with Daniel Marshall

A Denver-Based Award-Winning Artist and Educator
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May 29 – 31, 2020
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 9:00am to 4:00pm

In Dan Marshall's studio workshop with a plein air focus he will focus on composition, design, consistency of wash and proper use of tone to help you elevate your watercolors to fine art paintings! Through both studio and plein air demos and one on one personal attention, he’ll use his skills to help you further yours to establish a consistent painting process. Instilling a confidence in yourself and the medium. Learn how to exploit “mistakes”, refine and further develop your technique and take your paintings to the next level…and have fun! His high spirits and energy are contagious!

Learn how to incorporate a deliberate process for creating realistic but expressive watercolor paintings. Having a consistent process enables you to relax and tap into creativity, thinking your paintings through. Holding in your mind a pre visualization of the finished piece allows you to know in advance the steps to success and the freedom to adapt to “mistakes”. The studio time at the beginning of the workshop will equip students with tools and techniques for better plein air painting success later during the workshop. Dan will studio and plein air demo 2-3 times a day with students. Following each demo with their own interpretation, utilizing the techniques demonstrated.

Studio and Plein Air watercolor requires you to simplify- focus on the mood, find your subject and simplify shapes and details, This approach will allow you to make design decisions without being bogged down in detail too early in the process.Use tried and true design and composition ideas to take your work to the next level. Create Stronger Paintings by editing what you see. Stop simply transcribing a scene and start to create from your own personal vision. 

Points we will focus on:
–Pre visualization
–How to edit what you see to compose interesting paintings
–Drawing for your painting-rhythmic with a “loose accuracy” to break the habit of coloring in your paintings
–Keep connectivity and color harmony in your painting
–How to use varying consistencies of pigment in relation to degrees of wetness in the paper
–How to use different types of edges to create visual interest
–How to use subtle shifts in value and temperature to create depth

Daniel Marshall is a Denver-based award-winning artist and educator, teaching workshops across the country. He is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association and a member of the American Impressionist Society and Salmagundi Club. For more information visit his website at www.danmarshallart.com and @danmarshallart on Instagram.

Born in New Jersey in 1971, reared in Ohio and finishing his education in Connecticut at the Propersi Institute of Art, Dan is used to adapting to different environs. He has been fortunate to extend his travel experiences all over the world. Providing him frequent opportunities to paint the scenes he finds there and allowing him to draw on his early experiences of adaptation.

Dan is an avid Plein Air painter, producing the majority of his work en plein air. This has helped to develop a confident style with an immediacy and freshness infused into each painting. Over 20 years of drawing daily for tattoo clients has sharpened his skills as a draftsman and daily painting and studying of his influences (Early 20th century masters, Golden Age Illustrators, current representational
painters). Dan continues to experiment and hone his personal style, always striving to elevate his techniques in watercolor and push his work to the next level.

This workshop is hosted by the Redwood Art Association
Class size limited to 15

Workshop Fee: $425 for current RAA members / $475 for non-members

Your workshop will meet at the Redwood Art Association Gallery, 603 F Street, Eureka.

NOTE: Lunch is NOT provided for this workshop.

You may pay your workshop fee and reserve your place in this special Daniel Marshall workshop with a credit card or your PayPal account. It is fast, easy and secure.

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You may also pay your workshop fee by sending a check for the full amount payable to the RAA to:

Redwood Art Association
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Eureka, CA 95501

List of Materials for the Workshop as a PDF

If you have questions, please email Claudia Lima.

Cancellation Refunds: Full refund of workshop fees will be made if you cancel your participation in the workshop 30 days or more before the start of the workshop. A 50% refund of fees will be made if you cancel within 7 to 30 days before start of the workshop. No refund will be made if you cancel within 7 days of start of the workshop, or if you do not show up or if you leave the workshop early for any reason.

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