Redwood Art Association Eureka California

Filly Frisking Homeward, aluminum wire sculpture
Artist: Elizabeth Berrien
Best of Show - $500 Award
59th Fall Exhibition – Returning Home 2017


The Redwood Art Association publishes the Redwood Art Quarterly four times each year, and it is available here in PDF format.

Members may send news about important achievements and accompishments to be included in the newsletter to Our editorial policy is stated below.

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Editorial Policy
As a community of artists, we are interested in keeping our membership informed about important achievements and accomplishments of our members.

Please let us know if you have received awards, honors or special recognitions for your art or art related activities.

Also let us know if you have been elected or appointed or volunteered to positions of leadership and responsibility in the community even if it is not art related. While the primary purpose of the RAA Newsletter is to provide information about Association exhibitions and activities to our membership, we also want to communicate a sense of our contribution as a group to life in Humboldt County.

Information about members exhibiting their art in various venues or teaching classes is covered on a more timely basis by the local press, so we do NOT plan to publish this type of information, nor will we generally publish information about for-profit types of activities unless is it paid advertising.

The preferred method of receiving information is by email to Please include photographs (high resolution jpegs).

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