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Award Winners
Redwood Art Association
60th Fall Exhibition
Returning Home
August 22 – September 14, 2018

Best of Show - $450 Value
Claudia Lima

Graze It, oil on linen canvas

First Place Award - $175 Value
Karen Merry

Desert at Daybreak, pen & ink

Second Place Award - $125 Value
Matthew Marc Fluke

Scene of the Crime, Old Town Naxos, Greece, digital photograph, archival laser print

Third Place Award - $85 Value
Thomas Bethune

Elk’s Head Farcaster, photograph

Fourth Place Award - $75 Value
Barbara J Pulliam

Majestic Grace, etching

Best Representational Art - $100 Award
Donna Rosebaugh

Pope John Paul II Rose, digital art - giclée print - archival canvas

In Memory of Marj Early - $100 Award
Adrienne Werth

Gre Gourdian Chants, watercolor

Honorable Mention - $25 Value
Stilson Snow

Star Glyphs, archival pigment print

Honorable Mention - $25 Value
Hal Work

Teddy Bears Picnic?, photograph

Honorable Mention - $25 Value
Benjamin Funke

Relic From Flight 599, archival print on Hahnemühle

Judge's Appreciation
Wes Juliana

Petrified Wood in Snow, photograph

Judge's Appreciation
Nancy Flemming

Turnips, oil on canvas board

Judge's Appreciation
Karla Kaizoji Austin

Morning Walk at the Marsh, mixed – watercolor, airbrush, acrylic

Judge's Appreciation
Thomas Bethune

Bicycle, photograph

Judge's Appreciation
Roberta ‘Berti’ Welty

Homeward Bound, photography

Judge's Appreciation
Jon Exley

Rock Steady, photography

Judge's Appreciation
Victoria Ziskin

Monet’s Bridge, oil on linen

Judge's Appreciation
Lindsey Templeton

Marsh Birds, watercolor

Judge's Appreciation
Andrew Daniel

Samoa Neighborhood, oil on canvas

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